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Having commenced its educational services with 292 students in 5 departments in the 2012-2013 academic year, the Faculty of Economic, Administrative and Social Sciences have reached the number of 3593 students in its 25 departments in the 2019-2020 academic year at a steady and successful pace.In addition, as of  2020-2021 Academic Year,  Business Management in English, English Language & Literature and English Translation and Interpretation departments have been opened apart from the existing programs.

The name of our faculty carries its purpose… We pursue the target of conveying the causes of our existence to you scientifically in accordance with the mission and vision of our university. While transferring to you the logic of strategic thinking, our limits in taking risks, the learnings of our experiences and failures which are the basic stones of success, we aim to produce the high future of Turkey through honest and industrious individuals trained here who are respectful to the society and others and sensitive to their environment and themselves and who gain work experience while having their education.

Our academic staffs are close, fair and truthful to our students. With this belief in mind, I am of the strongest belief that they will do their best to share their vast experience and knowledge with you in a way open to your critiques when necessary so that you will attain the diploma of Nisantasi University in the best way and with the highest level of equipment with academic, intellectual and individual knowledge and experience.

The students of our faculty are entitled, in accordance with the double major program, to take a diploma from another available undergraduate program when already registered at an undergraduate program on the condition that they meet the prerequisites. They are also allowed to take courses from different but relevant departments within the same faculty in accordance with the sub-specialty program so that they can strengthen their knowledge and experience in their own departments.

Our faculty lays the stress not only on scientific activities but also on sports and artistic activities that are sure to contribute to your development in the society. With the activities held by a variety of students’ clubs, musical groups and research centres, we aim to offer our students a different and inspiring environment in which to develop their imagination and creativity.

We consider the respect to students to be the basis of our respectability and thus, we manage the faculty not from the perspective of management but from the aspect of governance. Motivated by this principle, we heartedly and tirelessly undertake and fulfil our responsibilities to our students during and after their education here.

With my best regards and love, 

I. Social Work Conference

I. Social Work Conference ...