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New Media

The Department of New Media is a program that gives a theoretical and practical education in field of digital media with a multidisciplinary and critical approach. With the development of computer, internet and telecommunication technologies, information has become available to all everywhere at all times. This has changed the relationship between the information systems and creative arts and science. This change has led to economic, cultural, social, political and legal consequences. In this context, evolution of traditional media into digital media today has changed the job facilities of the media professionals, who are today expected to be competent not only in traditional media, but also in content production and management in such digital media environments as online publishing, interactive advertisement and digital visual design.

The purpose of the Department of New Media is to train new media professionals who have information and ideas about the cultural, sociologic and artistic changes caused by the new media environments and about the new media policies and legal regulations for the new media environments, who can produce and manage contents in such fields as online public relations and advertising, internet journalism and digital art, and who are creative and with a mastery of technical and aesthetic language in digital media environments.

Thanks to the digital media environments changing with the fast and continuously developing computer, internet and telecommunication technologies, the job fields of the graduates of the Department of New Media become diversified and wider. Our graduates are eligible to work at all private, public and nongovernmental organizations using internet and mobile networks. They can work as a new media editor and producer in media organizations such as newspapers, journals, radios, televisions and film-making companies; as an online public researcher in public relations and counselling companies; as an online reputation manager using the search engine optimization and advertising effectively; as an internet and mobile marketing manager; and as a social media expert in the social media unit of any public, private or nongovernmental organization. In other words, they can be employed at all positions requiring production and management of the content that has multimedia stylistics and interactivity qualities like sound, writing, graphics, photograph, video and film, based on the digital encoding system of any institution or organization.
The syllabus of the Department of New Media consists of the courses that contain information and skills available to every level of the working life. Introduction to New Media, Social Media, New Media Theories and Research, Internet Journalism, Data journalism, New Media and Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Internet Advertising, Web TV and IPTY Programming, Digital Culture, Digital Art, Web Design, Digital Game Design, New Media Sociology, Critical New Media Literacy, Digital Content Production and Management and Transmedia Practices are some of the main courses in the department. Besides, our students are expected to learn and speak English, which has become a must in media sector today, and an optional foreign language – Spanish, Russian or German.
Click here for the eight-semester curriculum of the Department of New Media.