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International Relations

It is globalization that has left its mark on the 21st century, and two basic qualities of globalization are uncertainty and integration. The youth of the 21st century can make decisions within the uncertainties for their near and far futures and make relational comments about the integrated events. The young can only be successful by overcoming the difficulties and problems of the future with these qualities of theirs. The purpose of the Department of International Relations is to prepare the individuals of these qualities for the real life, to train and equip them with permanent qualities to overcome these obstacles, and to train the young demanded and required by the 21st century.
The graduates of the Department of International Relations can be listed in two universes; national and global. Accordingly, our graduates are eligible to work in our country and in any country of the world. What makes it possible are the explanations mentioned in the paragraph entitled “Why the Department of International Relations in Nisantasi University?” Also, the chances of employment both in public and in private sector are higher than any other branch. The reason is that the employers prefer the young who know language(s) and have a global vision. The substructure acquired during the education given here, when coupled with this quality, seems enough to be successful in any global field. In short, not only can our graduates be employed as experts at ministries, but they can also find an employment in international export-import companies, in private companies, in banks and in media.

The Department of International Relations has a wide range of courses to enable its students to gain an intellectual viewpoint which is a must for them. This program is formed according to the “critical path” pattern developed by the university for itself. The method that assures the success is ensured in this way. In this framework, such courses as basic international relations, law and economy are taught as well as the course History of International Relations to provide them with historical information and Basic Sociology and Social Structure of Turkey to develop different vieewpoints of social events.

The purpose of the department is to create a background to support regional studies parallel to the students’ fields of interest. In this sense, some of the main courses in the department are centred round Integration Theory, European Union and Turkey, Russia and Caucasus Countries, Turkish-American Relations, People’s Republic of China, Latin America, African Countries and India. Some of our unique courses are Research Methods, Private Research Techniques and Graduation Project as a sequel to it.

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