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Tourism Management

The purpose of the Department of Tourism Management is to be one of the most preferable tourism departments for the students who want to take part in tourism sector with our distinguished academic staff equipped with sectoral and academic experience, and as such, to be a department the graduates of which are employed in the highest number by the tourism businesses active in national and international fields. Finally, our purpose is to make the biggest contribution to the training of qualified academic staff required by our country in the tourism sector.

In accordance, our basic principles are prioritizing the personal development of our students with a student-centred approach; producing academic information and data; having a training team renewing themselves continuously and strengthening their experience with sectoral practices; gaining our students a universal perspective than makes it possible for them to global citizens on one hand and transferring the values of our nation to the posterity on the other; creating a culture in which team work is established and the feeling of ‘we’ is made a principle; and producing permanent solutions to the problems of tourism sector with an analytical approach.

Our graduates are eligible to work as a manager in all segments of tourism sector, especially in the sectors of transportation, travelling, hotel management and catering services, after they successfully complete their education. However, being a department within the body of the faculty, we differ from the tourism departments within the college in that our graduates can be employed as a comptroller in the Ministry of Tourism and other similar institutions. They can also lead their career as academicians in the event that they pursue and complete postgraduate studies.
The Department of Tourism Management consists of the courses containing information that can be used in every stage of working life. Introduction to Tourism, Hotel Management, Accounting of Tourism Business, Tourism Geography of Turkey, Management of Buying and Storing, Principles of Feeding and Menu Planning, and Congress and Fair Practices are some of the courses of the department. Besides, our students are taught the courses of innovation and entrepreneurship.
Click here for the eight-semester curriculum of the Department of Tourism Management.
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