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History is a branch of science that analyses the past, the change and the relationships between the past events and people. The students of the department learn to evaluate both the past the present from a historical perspective and also receive an education on historiography and research methods. The department adopts an interdisciplinary and comparative approach. The students take courses on Turkish history and Ottoman history as well as world history. Thus, they are expected to get familiar with universal and local histories and historiography.
The graduates of the Department of History have a wide range of job opportunities indeed. The historians who complete the required MA and PhD educations are entitled to work as academicians. They can also work at state archives or private archives as researchers. They can find an employment at Society for Turkish History, Society for Turkish Language and various private foundations. The historians who are inclined toward archaeology can take place at excavations, while those who fulfil the requirements concerning Art History can work at museums. Furthermore, the graduates who complete their pedagogic formation can work at schools as history teachers.
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