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Capital Markets and Portfolio Management

Developing with the increased globalization and competitiveness, capital and financial markets occupy a significant place on the world economy. This development causes the investment decisions to move towards not only production but also financialization. Therefore, the purpose of our department is to train individuals of the future who have a mastery of market, manage money, predict the risk and take measures, use the instruments of financial and capital market in the best way, possess the most effective management qualifications while forming a portfolio and give the service of supervision needed by the market. Our department aims to give the best training and education to those who want to see themselves in the financial markets.
The graduates of the Department of Capital Markets and Portfolio Management are entitled to be employed by a wide range of businesses, including BİST, SPK and intermediary institutions in particular. They can also find a job with development and investment banks, Central Bank and its overseas branches, regulatory and auditory institutions, Undersecretariat of Treasury, Ministry of Development, development agencies, TÜİK, SGK, foreign firms in the market, finance departments of the firms in real sector, insurance sector, Factoring, Forfaiting and Leasing companies, investment partnerships and credit rating agencies.
Finance sector is developing very fast in the world, and it is on the way to being an important sector in Turkey, too. Accordingly, the need for well-trained and qualified staff that knows English and can use the computer well in this sector is on the increase. This department is capable of meeting this need and demand. In the first two semesters of the syllabus, there are intensive English courses and basic courses of the branch, while in the third and fourth years there are theoretical and practical courses taught by the eminent scholars. Besides such courses throughout the four-year program, seminars, conversations, sectoral trips and visits are conducted periodically. In the eighth semester, however, there are on-the-job professional practices which are designed to provide the students with professional experience prior to their graduation. In addition, through this program our university helps its graduates find a job in these sectors.
Click here for the eight-semester curriculum of the Department of Capital Markets and Portfolio Management.
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