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Accounting and Finance Management

Accounting is a branch of science that records and classifies the financial data of a business according to the rules of accounting and that prepares the financial tables (balance-sheet, income table, cash flow table, etc.) in an understandable way to interpret and report them to the senior management. In this sense, accounting gives the business managers information about the financial performance of the past years and produces the data that will allow them to make decisions about the future. In addition, it undertakes to produce the data that will form the basis of tax liabilities to the state.

The basic purpose of the department is to train accountants, finance experts and auditors equipped with theoretical and practical information and skills in the field and with professional skills and experience. With the latest global crises, lack of auditing in the accounting and financial sectors has better revealed the need to attach more importance to the profession. That especially auditing activities are not given enough importance is regarded as one of the most serious factors in the rise of corruption scandals. It is obvious that accounting- financing personnel who will assist in making financial decisions about the future should be equipped with enough awareness and experience of financial events and economy as well as the basic regulations concerning the accounting. The department offers the required background and substructure of finance and economy in this regard. Nisantasi University has a structure with the target of keeping its students close to the real sector through; “the opportunities of internship it offers, the academic staff with enough experience in the practicing of the profession and the projects and trainings in collaboration with the private sector.”

It is necessary that they students in the department should first have enough basic mathematical information and analytic-thinking ability to make the financial calculations and should be able to study and work regularly and systematically to manage the stress and do work plan.

The department trains its students to any sort of financial auditing in economic life. Thus, our graduates are eligible to work as auditors both in public and private sectors’ financial units. Not only can they be independent auditors and financial advisor, but they can also work in internal audit and supervision departments of the firms. In the public sector, however, they are entitled to sit for any professional exam available to the graduates of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences. Among the essential fields of work for them are the positions for junior accountant, assistant inspector and assistant auditor in the public institutions, i.e. Ministry of Finance, Undersecretariat of Treasury, Chamber of Accounts, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, Securities and Exchange Commission and Central Bank of Turkish Republic.

The Department of Accounting and Finance Management offers its students not only the accounting rules determined in the Uniform Accounting Chart of Accounts still valid in our country but also all the information and practices in the framework of International Accounting and Auditing Standards, which are also included in the Provisions of Turkish Code of Commerce. The aim is to enable them to have a mastery of their profession through the national and international accounting and auditing rules as well as essential legal regulations. The increase in the importance of auditing and the recent popularity of the profession of auditor with the latest crisis in particular have made us include the course of Accounting Control in the syllabus so that our students can complete their education in this field. Besides, with the course of On-the-Job Professional Practices in the 8th semester of the four-year program, the students are expected to possess the professional experience required for and by the sector.

In addition, intensive program of English language, added to the syllabus, is expected to enable our students to follow the international literature well besides the theoretical and practical information and to work in international firms.

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