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Economics is a branch of science that examines the behaviours of economic units, operation of the organizations and systems and efficient use of scarce sources and turns to producing policies for these situations. The research and duty fields of the man power trained and qualified with the basic information of this science in our country and world globalizing and changing rapidly where competition is growing more important day by day.
The graduates can be employed as a senior manager in public and private sectors; as a specialist, inspector, supervisor and auditor in the financing sector; as a manager, planner and marketer in the sector of accounting and court of accounts; and as a public affair specialist in field of public relations. Among his duties is to make cost and price analyses, to analyse the changes in labour market, to determine marketing methods, to analyse the productivity, property and service production and to find solutions to all the economic problems faced in these fields. They can also co-work with a business manager, finance officer, sociologist, lawyer, industrial engineer, statistician, tourism and hotel managers and all the professional groups contributing to production at an office.
The departments of Economic Development and İnternational Economics, Economic Theory and Economic Politics give education to students. Among the courses taught in these departments are Mathematics, Sociology, Economic Systems, İnternational Economic Politics, Accounting, Development Economy, Production Method, Numerical Methods, Public Economy, İnvestment Economy and Econometrics.
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I. Social Work Conference ...