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Economics and Finance

Globalization has made the relationships between the sciences of economics and finance more inseparable and increased the demand and need for qualified man power in these fields. The basic purpose of this education program is to give students basic information in fields of Economics and Finance and to enable them to put this information into real life. We also aim to improve their analytical skills and train professionals equipped with the abilities to solve the economic and financial problems of Turkey.
The graduates have a wide range of choices for employment. Among them are domestic and foreign firms in fields of manufacturing industry, commerce, transport, tourism and communication as well as banks, insurance companies, capital market organizations, intermediary institutions, research institutions and public institutions.
Basic courses such as Economic Analysis, Business Finance, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer and Accounting are taught in the first four semesters of the Department of Economics and Finance, while compulsory and optional courses are taught in the second four semesters, such as International Economics, Development Economy, Financial Markets and Institutions, International Finance, Investment Analyses, Realty Financing and Portfolio Management and Banking. The optional courses in the department are concerned with the topical subjects on economics and finance. In this context, the latest innovations and developments in national and international fields are examined and analysed to strengthen the basic information already acquired by students. Attention is focused on the theoretical courses in these fields as well as practical training, while internships and projects are also encouraged.
Click here for the eight-semester curriculum of the Department of Economics and Finance.
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