Faculty Of Economics, Administrative And Social Sciences


Banking And Finance

At the Department of Banking and Finance in our university, our students are taught not only the theories and concepts of the disciplines of banking and finance but also the basic notions of economics, business and management. Also, our students are offered optional courses according to their fields of interest so that they can improve themselves in academic terms and gain the broadest vision regarding the profession of which they will later be a member. The basic purpose of the department is to provide our students with the chances to get acquainted with the financial markets, financial organizations and systems, thus enabling them to improve their abilities to analyse and decide within an analytical education structure and training graduates focused on achievement and success in business life.
The graduates of the Department of Banking and Finance in our university are eligible to work in a wide range of public and private sector institutions. They have the chances to be employed in the economic bureaucracy, such as Ministry of Finance, Court of Accounts, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, State Planning Organization and Undersecretariat of Treasury and Foreign Trade, and in the public banks. It is also possible that our graduates can find employment as a finance coordinator, financial reporting specialist, budget and financial planning specialist, financial analyst and portfolio manager in the financial departments of the private banks, leasing firms, insurance organizations, supervision companies, security brokerages and private sector businesses. Our university encourages our graduates to find a job, based on the information and experience gained by them in their fields during their education. The graduates of our department have a chance to continue their academic careers; they are also qualified for an independent job as an independent accountant, financial advisor and sworn financial advisor.
In the courses of mathematics, statistics, basic law, banking law, computer, accounting, money-bank-credit, financing, computerized financial analyses, investment project valuation, international financing, risk management, financial instruments and organizations, theoretical training is given as well as the training towards market practices through internship and practices. The library of our university, allowing access to the books, scientific journals and databases in field of banking and finance, will equip our students and graduates with academic resources; academic methods like team work, projects, case analyses and internship studies that enable the students’ active participation in the process of education will be used in the theoretical and practical dimensions of the courses.
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